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🇨🇿 TV editor. FCPX/Avid/After Effects. Blender and UE. Multipotential dad. Bug magnet. 3D printing and Home Assistant enthusiast. Musician. FOUR cats 🥲 (don't ask).

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@codinghorror Agreed, and mushrooms give that non-transferable experience of being one with the universe as well

@textfiles cue the inevitable read error on track 80 of floppy 33 :)

@MonaApp Perfect, thanks!

@MonaApp hi! Mona is amazing and became my fav Mastodon client.

Please consider adding # and @ buttons into the New post bar above the keyboard (the one with Photos, Polls, CW...) - I use SwiftKey and these are kinda buried. Thanks!

@marcoarment PLEASE entire ATP podcast about this stuff - a sequel to Windows to Siracusa County

@arstechnica I think I have read this very title many times over the last decade

@arstechnica I think with more powerful AI in the backend, their time to shine is yet to come. I myself employ Alexa quite heavily, integrated to my Home Assistant setup. I'd hate to see the voice assistants go.

@mekkaokereke They are managers of commercial enterprises, nothing else.

@arstechnica IIRC there was even a 4GB version. As much storage as today's models have RAM :)

@felipebaez @mammoth @IceCubesApp I just found out Ice Cubes (latest, 1.5.9) doesn't upload pictures. I can select them, I get no error message, but they're not in the post. Mammoth has no such issue.

@jensimmons EVERY site/PWA that I use like this (Added to Home Screen) has the same bug in iOS and ipados 16 - upon closing and re-opening, it's slightly zoomed in. Some webs do not allow zooming out, so I have to force-quit it. Also rotating bugs like this. Been reporting this to Apple since beta 1, no fix.

@anildash agreed. A Twitter-like thing will follow railroads, electricity and internet from incompatible systems controlled by a handful of commercial entities into something public or quasi-public

@seldo @mjgardner @slightlyoff no. You're talking about developers, Alex is talking about user base in general. The experiences are necessarily totally different. Nobody develops on dual-core i3 from 2011 with 2GB RAM.

@carnage4life there is a very limited set of circumstances where this can be true (public transport for 20m to work), otherwise - holy hell

@benjedwards I've had simular things happen in the past and usually pressing return instead of clicking fixed the issue. Safari extensions required this to install IIRC

@yezzer what I found out the hard way is, things like the Ender 3 work great until we try to "upgrade" and "tweak" it, borking everything in the process.

@yezzer Absolute the same thing for me today. Perfect prints for a month, and now I'm 100% unable to get anything to stick, bed is level, ABL says 0.2mm variance, PEI sheet is fully washed, and the damn PLA just curls up no matter how low I print

@splicer nozzle a bit too close to the bed :) it drags the existing filament around, creating irregular patterns

@SwiftOnSecurity I'm almost gen x and I have no idea what that is :-o