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Takahē Project

The official account for the Takahē ActivityPub server. We love to toot!

Read more about us at

@shacker Current clients are in theory mastodon specific BUT we (along with projects like GoToSocial) implement the Mastodon Client API, so they work. Mostly (there are still gaps we we work towards it, of course)

@ktv Update - user fetching and mentioning should work now (easier fix than anticipated). Article URLs in search won't work yet as they're not "Notes" (toots/statuses), but "Articles", which is a different object we're working on support for.

@ktv Oh dear, it appears Plume is case-sensitive for usernames, and our system lowercases them all to normalise them. This one will take a bit longer to fix.

@ktv Lovely. Cleaning up "timeline events" for deleted posts (like the notifications you see) is coming soon, and that should be the last bit!

@ktv This should be fixed now?

@maloki Initial federation investigation reveals it's our problem and (surprise surprise) it's JSON-LD - our parser doesn't like the way GTS includes the Mastodon namespace ( We'll try to figure out how to make it happier!

@maloki We're very up for fixing that - if you know what the problem is and can get it to us in either GitHub issues or on Discord, we'll have it fixed pronto. We like GoToSocial!

In the meantime, we'll see if we can trigger any issues on our end and get it in our error logs.

@rcarmo Lovely writeup - it's worth noting that the Docker image comes with nginx set up for caching as of two days ago, and we will happily take Azure storage support (though django-storages already has it built in, so we may just need the settings file work done)!

@ktv Yup, we see it - looks like Bookwyrm doesn't send over a separate profile URL. We'll have a fix up soon!

@lutindiscret We don't want yet another place to answer support requests - Discord has, in our experience of running OSS projects, better support tools in terms of the forum mode and other UX niceities. It also happily runs in a browser window where it can't spy on you.

I'm sure @andrew will be along to some of the Matrix rooms at some point, but I doubt we'll have an official Takahē support presence there, at least not soon.

@lutindiscret Yup, the URL parsing fix is being worked on, our linkifier was being a bit too aggressive.

The reply was actually unlisted locally, it just didn't transport into the AP representation properly. That should also be fixed soon. There is a "mentioned only" mode, yes - we don't call it Direct Messages as that implies more security than there is in the protocol.

(It's not in the client API yet, just on the web UI)

Takahē 0.6 is now almost ready for release, with a lot of new features including emoji support, client API support, reporting and a moderation queue.

We're going to bake it for a few days here on - if you'd like an invite, we're now giving some out if you read through and follow the instructions in there!

@magnus919 We have arm64 Docker images pre-built, but obviously that requires a Pi 4 in 64-bit mode!

Progress is going well towards the next release! We're particularly excited about custom emoji Emoji takahe Emoji takahe

@douwe It's likely that your link preview card is a 404 while the actual link works in the post - we had an issue with our docs site that presented the wrong absolute URL. It's fixed now, but Mastodon caches the wrong one forever, sadly.

@paulm @michaelcoyote @aurynn The Mastodon Client API is possible to implement as non-Mastodon - GoToSocial have got a decent way there, and we plan to start on it next week.

@bitprophet @PaulM @glyph It's fine, we only learned how to even parse reply threads last week!

On topic - deduplicating boosts is something that's on the roadmap Quite Soon and is not very hard to do, since we already dedupe posts internally. Arbitrary programmable post hooks are something best left for a plugin system, though!

We've released Takahē version 0.5!

Image posting and hashtags are the headline improvements this time around, but there's plenty of smaller fixes. We're going to spend the next few weeks focusing on stability and community-required features, so people can start using it with more trust!

As a celebration of image posting (mostly) working, here is a takahē, the bird we named the project after!

They were once thought extinct, but are now part of a successful recovery programme that's slowly increasing their numbers (which you can donate to at if you like!)

@bitprophet Oh nice, we even got a mention! Woo!

@anentropic ActivityPub is involved enough that it's hard to "just be a library" - you have to modify how the website runs. Given that, we're aiming for standalone/all-in-one for now.

See this Wagtail issue for a breakdown:

@literally We figured out that it was a problem with Sphinx and rel=canonical - it's fixed now, but Mastodon pulls link previews when it gets the post so it'll have cached wrongly.

@paulox Interesting - it's correct in our database and on Andrew's personal Mastodon server. Not quite sure what's going on here.

@paulox That is the link in the post on our end - what link do you see? (This might be a bug we need to fix!)