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Hey there @mammoth

If I try logging into my account at @takahe I get the screen to approve access but the account never gets added. Any thoughts on what might be going on here or anything I can do to help debug it?

@mammoth @takahe it just occurred to me that I have a local server set up on my Mac with with mammoth also installed from TestFlight. Maybe I can generate some logs.

@jph @takahe try that out and let us know if it helps, we will also look to see what could be the cause of this.

@mammoth @takahe I didn’t really have much luck (I never really got my test server to work with ssl) last night but I did find that there’s an existing issue if you haven’t seen it yet.

@jph @takahe thank you for sharing this! It will be very useful in helping us continue to do better 🦣

@jph @mammoth Yes it's quite possible this is on our side - having to reimplement Mastodon's specific variant of OAuth has been full of surprises!