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What do I post? Mostly nonsense. Apple- & web-flavoured tech; art; music; movies; sf. Cat photos will be boosted. he/him. single, strait, boring, white guy full of opinions that should (mostly) be ignored. Cynicism = laziness (that expects credit for critical thinking).

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@marcoarment When my Fantastical subscription came up for renewal recently, I let it lapse. It started just before the pandemic which then meant few face-to-face meetings for 3 years. All it took was a month of using Apple Calendar on Ventura and iOS to bring me back to Flexibits.

@jamesthomson @chrisphin Yeah, but it’s about 80s music, so… carry on. :)

@jeff @MonaApp Same.

@MonaApp I continue to be astonished at your rate of development on Mona. Please take care of yourself and don’t burn out. :)

@paul Also, I’ve gotta say you’ve picked a stellar list of suggested follows, here. Well done!

@paul there seems to have been an oversight… I don’t see MY account in that list! 🀨

Unexpected Cat Nakedness and lots of TEETH #Caturday

@luckytran @monicarooney must every single mainstream media story that talks about the benefits of masking prominently feature artwork of the most widely available, all-but-useless masks in existence?

@anildash Ha!

@gruber The last (only) iPhone I shattered was a 4 or 4s (hey, it was, like 2012; I don’t remember) with a glass back. The ο£Ώ Store in Vancouver, BC, replaced it for free (it would’ve been a pricey repair, though not nearly as much as a screen replacement) but they said something-something dust-inside-the-camera-lens. Reading the tea leaves, I suspect they were seeing a lot of cracked-back phones. That said, I’m sticking with my metal-backed iPhone 13 Pro for now.

@chockenberry @brentsimmons on a go-forward basis, at least.

@mlinzner @ptujec @marcomasser @johnvoorhees @bramhill @noheger Hasn’t the @OmniGroup been at it since the NeXT days, too? @OmniOutliner, maybe?

@ethanschoonover @mlinzner Fascinating! I’d never heard that. Clearly not part of the history of Safari that @donmelton has touched on (to my knowledge); possibly because that would’ve been outside his experience?

@backlon we are the grandparents-scarred-by-the-Great-Depression who can never spend a dime.

@dimillian If it was STAR WARS themed: zero guilt.
If it wasn’t: also zero guilt.

It’s an easy set of rules to follow.

@brewster β€œrecent”. what the fuck took them so long?

The Expanse S5

@jamesthomson either that or take up 4 am vacuumming. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

@jamesthomson buy drums. (you didn’t start the fire…)

@bleakfuture @MonaApp @icecubesapp @ivory @drafts @fsinn Nothing wrong with that β€” and I salute the self-awareness to recognize it! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

I’m a graphic- & web designer, artist, and photographer.

I paid a lot of cash for my corporate typeface (Ideal Sans, discovered via @gruber & co’s Vesper, @marcoarment’s Instapaper, and @rands’s website), so I love reading in it.

Oh, and have I mentioned how cool it is having all these great clients? @MonaApp is my current favourite, but @icecubesapp is a seriously strong contender (I’d point out that it’s open source, but it’s not great because I’m grading it on a curve; it’s great), and @ivory on is shaping up very nicely (despite it being very, very new). That said, posting via @drafts (///) is super-cool, too.

@bleakfuture @MonaApp @icecubesapp @ivory @drafts @fsinn Forgot to mention: @icecubesapp also allows user font selection.

Really, @MonaApp & @icecubesapp come down to configurability. They both allow tonnes of options. @ivory is much more opinionated. While @tapbots’ opinions reflect deep expertise & refined taste, they don’t necessarily make the same choices I would.

@rmondello @kevin β€œSparkling WebAuthn” wins mastodon this week. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

@bigzaphod @ross I’m four-ish books in (having watched the series 5 or 6 times), and I love how much texture and nuance they add, even β€” or maybe especially β€” where they differ from the show. Each enhances the other.