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American video about washing your legs when showering or not: we can't even have them show their belly so they have to shower in T-shirts:

meanwhile, on Norwegian state funded children's TV:

(no, i won't CW this, because it's legal in Norway to show frontal nudity - even to children - if it's for educational purposes)

to us, the Americans think like nuns.

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a group of Norwegian stray goats has been living in the wild for almost 100 years

the way the climate is developing lately, i won't even need to leave Norway for warmer weather...

speaking of the Y2K problem

there most likely *wasn't* a huge problem with storing 2-digit years in databases. it's not very convenient for computers to store dates in that format.

know how Excel stores dates as the number of days since 1900-01-01? computers like to store dates in that kind of way, usually, because they're much easier to count and do date arithmetic on.

on UNIX-like systems such as Linux and BSD/macOS, the seconds since 1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC is typically used.

JavaScript uses a version where it's milliseconds since that date, so all the values are 1000X higher.

*maybe* in some old Fortran systems where a programmer designed a flat file and picked two digits for the date.

and yeah, SQL has its own ways of storing dates, but it's been 4 digits for the year for ages.

more concerning is the 32-bit overflow date for UNIX dates:

2038-01-19 03:14:07

hopefully, nobody's running *anything* on 32-bit by that time. it's already been patched in most systems that use UNIX dates.

it's like the Y2K problem all over again - maybe nothing happened because developers fixed most of the bugs in advance, but we'll never know

it's so weird to see videos of electronics from the 90s and 00s that i remember as being new as a kid or teen, and so many of the ones YouTubers find on eBay have deteriorated badly. belts have disintegrated, capacitors have gone bad, the batteries and accessories are impossible to get, etc. at the time those devices came out, that would've been unthinkable. you don't think about those things when you buy something brand new. i guess what makes it so weird to look at is that my body and brain are working a lot better than those devices, even after 20-30 years, and it doesn't feel like THAT much time has passed, but of course it has...

so, seeing as you say "a Brit", would you not also have to say "an Amer"?

political meta-thought: there are two kinds of "authoritarian"

there's "i want to control people" authoritarian and "i don't want to control anyone but someone else ought to" authoritarian

it's funny how English invented the word "himbo" when "bimbo" is already the Italian word for a male bimbo. a female bimbo would be a "bimbette".

those indigenous Sámi activists that Greta Thunberg recently joined in a protest against wind turbines that the supreme court deemed illegal after the fact but the government refuses to do anything about?

well, they were just carried out if the Department of Energy by the police. at night, hoping to avoid attention from the press.

i'm getting some flashbacks to the Alta conflict of the 70s and 80s where Norway built a hydroelectric plant by wiping out the homes of indigenous people against their will.

Sámi rights are stronger now than they were back then and building that dam might've been deemed illegal by the supreme court too, for the same reasons the wind turbines were deemed illegal.

in the case of the wind turbines, they were under construction when the supreme court deemed them illegal, but the government didn't stop the project, even though supreme court rulings are final.

on its part, the government finds itself in an almost impossible situation here because tearing the turbines down would be a huge headache for them as well.

the main issue with the turbines is that the reindeer avoid them and this makes it difficult for the Sámi, whose entire lifestyle and income revolves around reindeer husbandry.

ever walk into a bar and walk right out again because it feels like everybody there knows each other already and you're intruding? if Cheers was a real bar, i think it would give me social anxiety.

when you order a taco and you get this instead


what the fuck?

what i'm learning about the music industry is that despite going digital on the consumer end, they still live in the stone age on the business end.

they're manually approving this stuff. it's not designed to scale at all. and i bet Beyonce doesn't have to wait for several months if her release is on the wrong page. humans are involved, so her agent will phone someone up and have that shit fixed immediately.

i'm questioning if i'm willing to pay €732/yr to keep this instance running. it's too expensive given my income, and i'm not collecting anywhere near as much as that in donations. the user base is too small for it. the bulk of it pays for media storage. i'm wondering if it would be cheaper to store the media on Amazon S3 or a compatible service?

@Erik Hetzner Cloud VM - the main cost is the 1 TB storage volume, that's 45 EUR/mo on its own. the server itself is only 13 EUR/mo.

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