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Converting coffee into code.

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Testing out KDE's new mastodon client Tokodon with Takahe. Rapidly improved from crashing at auth (and never launching again) to fully functional in just a few weeks.

Made some new shrine and spirit tokens to run with my Magic The Gathering shrine deck. Stable Diffusion is incredible for just starting with a sketch and filling in the details, and a game changer for games like DnD.

Flask-Babel v3.0.0 has been released with numerous improvements (and some breaking changes!) Time to find out how many of the 15k dependencies on GitHub haven't pinned their dependencies!

@jph @literally An API endpoint is missing, I've implemented it in so this will work soon.

@literally @andrew has fixed this in 0.6.1 :)

@tootapp Looking at the source it looks like they just use a 401 if the `read:search` scope isn't set, so I guess we'll just do that. Not a lot of consistency, would have expected a 422 like the timeline :(

@tootapp Is there a way to tell Toot! to hide the search sidebar if search is disabled?

@tootapp @takahe First successful post on Takahe from the Toot! iOS client :)

@tootapp Interesting, alrighty. My understanding was that a missing `Link` header implies that there's no next or previous page available. We'll add support for it but I'm not sure what to do in that case (what happens when a site only has a single status?) I will have to investigate.

It wasn't noticed initially because the clients tested against so far like Tusky are doing the pagination directly without using the Link header.

@tootapp 😭

@tootapp Alright our output is now a lot closer to, and I've removed a bunch of optional fields to make things easier to debug. What's the parser dying on now?

@tootapp hmm so this one is toot! being stricter than the spec? I can send a temporary image for now, I'll have to create one for the header. Did you see any other errors or is this our last one on the timeline parsing?

Edit: ah! Whoops, didn't see the neither. Fix incoming!

Edited 90d ago

@tootapp We're still not getting timelines, so we must still be failing on something else :(

A user reported this one:, I'm guessing you expect the header and header_static keys to be missing completely if not set, instead of `null`? This might be worth changing on your side since I know other servers are sending null here.

@tootapp Had 2 more folks ask about Toot! today :) Bought a copy myself, very smooth UX. Excited to get this working!

@tootapp Okay, this one should be fixed now. We were returning relative urls to hashtags, where it looks like Mastodon always returns absolute URLs.

For the @ in the user URL, it looks like it's okay. It's _technically_ against the spec, but the NSURL seems to parse fine and Mastodon is doing the same thing in its URL field.

@tootapp Awesome, I've fixed timestamps on to be identical (chopping to reduce precision down to 3 digits) to Mastodon and I've added a setting to enable/disable the public timeline API and return a 422 if it's disabled. Still not seeing any results, so I'm guessing there's another field that's failing validation :(

@tootapp Fixed that bug, the public timeline is public again :) Regarding the status code, what API endpoint are you expecting 422 from? If I hit without giving it a token, I get a 401 which is what I'd expect.

@tootapp Thanks for taking a look! We'll update the status code. Hm, you shouldn't need to login for the public timeline, returns A-ok without logging into toot! Happy to make you an account for debugging. If you're up for it, we're on Discord (, IRC, whatever you'd like to help debug.

@tootapp I thought that might be the case, so I did a diff between Mastodon's /timeline/public and our /timeline/public. One thing I noticed was that Mastodon's dates were precise the the microsecond, so I tried tweaking that, no change. There are a couple optional fields that we specify that mastodon doesn't usually, but everything else _looks_ identical. toot's the only client having trouble loading the timeline at the moment :(

@tootapp Would you be able to help us with compatibility with toot!? The Takahe API is mastodon-compatible and works with most clients, but toot! is showing users a blank timeline and we're not getting any errors on our end.

A possible new look for Takahe posts coming soon, moving the actions to the bottom and showing the total # of likes and boosts. Plus, a slightly tweaked, more compressed view for small screens.

@takahe @case @simon @edmistond sqlite supports multiple concurrent readers, and works fine with multiple writers (one holds the write lock and the rest just wait). It works fine for single person instances. I added the sqlite tests, but keep in mind it's not a focus of the project at the moment.

@andrew @takahe if anyone has experience with accessibility UX, please come chat in the thread in discord! We're learning as we go and the documented recommendations don't always line up with reality.

@takahe Woohoo! And sorry to everyone whose installs just broke because I decided to mess with the settings :P