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Hi, I'm Wenwei and I am blind. I am a & who facilitates the process for (English as a Language) students. I primarily focus on idea development, clarity, and arrangement to make sense of the writer's text with my students. In my free time, I like to & . I'm also an aspiring creator, and in a previous life, I was a classically trained .

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@MonaApp These are great updates! I'm wondering if it would one day be possible to show/hide sidebar or tab bar on iPad, as well as on Mac?😁

Hi @MonaApp , I have a question. Is viewing a link in either divide view or column view mode on iPad accessible to VoiceOver users? The article appears to open in full screen, and yet this is strangely not the case on my phone. Opening a link will still preserve the other posts I'm viewing if I have added a divide view. I know that I can open two instances of Mona in a split screen, but if I can peruse both the post and the associated link on my phone simultaneously, I should be able to do the same thing on iPad, right? Guidance or clarification would b appreciated. Thank you!

For some more context on my use case, the last screenshot shows how I like to use divide view on my phone, though I'd prefer the bigger screen of the iPad to do this kind of reading.

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@bigzaphod @skaeth I'll have to check it out! Messy, flawed characters are my favorite.