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My local feed hasn’t update in a real long time on Metatext #takahe

My ISP is on the Fediverse

first post from Mammoth app

Test #takahe Server for First time

Been using Mastodon for years, bit concerning how people who have a view on biology are being blocked for accepting science.

I was so bored last night that I wrote unit tests before bed. I have woken up absolutely disgusted at myself for even touching pytest at all. Filthy.



My usual disclaimer when I'm sending someone untested code: I take no responsibility for the plagues this code will bring upon your houses for the next millennia

A few weeks ago I open sourced a tiny library I’ve been noodling on for a while:

It’s for generating HTML from basic Python data structures. It’s a bit weird and most people will probably hate it (which is fine). But I’ve now built a moderately complicated web app with it and I’m never going back to string-based templates!

Oh, and it runs quite happily under MicroPython on a ~£4 microcontroller, which is fun.

Edited 2d ago

It was a beautiful morning for a hike today.

PSA to those of you who may be flying to @djangocon: there's a 2.5 hour Amtrak ride from Charlotte (American Airlines hub) to Durham that runs 5x/day.

This is delightfully Quebeçois

Most of #Jewelry will come in a Jewelry #Box, a Jewelry Care Card and Jewelry #Polishing Cloth. It is ready to gift. #Gift Wrapping is also available. Please visit to find #Gemstone Jewelry at #Etsy

Such a good post. Embrace dynamic behaviour.

Aside: the new spec-to-serializer stuff I just added to django-readers is all about dynamic creation of serializer classes

So, Takahe. Let’s see how it looks. Experimenting, and getting the site’s vibe, etc.

🍏 Apple...

Name sure to check for worms, okay?

Hello, world.

It's time for DCUS23!



Fairly impressed with (from the makers of htmx and _hyperscript). If, like me, you enjoy somewhat dull-looking websites and hate CSS, it might just be for you.

Today's factle has me questioning my life's choices

Can't #follow profiles on #Pleroma instances i guess. Like
Probably need to wait for further #Takahe updates ...

#Takahe - New Zealand #Bird of the Week - #video

Just joined #Takahe to explore it's features and so far i like it :)