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The web UI for will be changing soon to remove timelines, composing, and other features in favour of apps.

For more info, please see

Edited 1y ago

We hit our signup cap of 150 users so we've bumped it up to 200, and signups are open again!

@chris Noted - will see if I can trace that down once I'm back from my mini-vacation.

Last time we had a boost not federate it turned out that it did, and Mastodon ignored a boost of a post right after the same post was posted, which was odd.

@unsatisfactory_software It should now be fixed?

@confusedbunny Hmm, I can't replicate this - can you link us to the original post with the issue?

@confusedbunny Posts with hashtags are meant to be sent as URLs, but my guess is we're not matching them exactly to the Tag saying they're a hashtag. Will get it fixed!

@unsatisfactory_software Ah, you mean it's showing it as HTML in Tusky's profile editor? They're HTML behind the scenes, but yes, we need to convert it back to plain text there.

We've hit 125 users on today! Thank you all for coming over, it's nice to have you here.

@humitos Sadly not much we can do about that other than ask you to mark it as not spam to improve our reputation.

@drew No problem - I can replicate that locally as well. We'll get it fixed!

@drew We generally ask for either an issue in github ( or to pop on the Discord if you are so inclined.

I don't see anything at either - do you mean Tusky the Android client?

@nemobis Right - any content is either part of the site itself, or from a user (who licenses that content to us via part 7 of the terms so that we can legally display it)

Signups on are now open until we hit 100 users! If you'd like an account, head to

We're ready to accept the first small batch of test users onto - if you are interested, please read through the details and caveats at and then use the instructions in there to ask for an invite!

We'll be adding people slowly, so please be patient if you do email in. Thanks! Emoji takahe

Hello! We're still getting things set up over here, but stay tuned for more announcements.