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Profile image for Jari Pennanen - Testing Takahe Jari Pennanen - Testing Takahe

Ivory crashes on login, but if I re-open Ivory it works with takahe

First post with Ivory!

@controlpl4n3 It's alternate UI for Mastodon and compatible servers: login from bottom left and type there... It works fine in Mastodon servers, not in Takahe yet.

Editing didn't work, it gave error 405 PUT is not allowed

Editing posts with Elk is not working in Takahe.

Some reason when I type a post, it won't appear in the timeline immediately, like it would on other instances.

Apparently this gave error as well:

Posting works with Elk, but looks like these URLs aren't in Takahe:

They give errors.

This is a test with Elk!

I'm testing out takahe!