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Techie, software developer, hobbyist photographer, sci-fi/fantasy and comics fan in the Los Angeles area. He/him.

@takahe On the other hand, this next one came through perfectly!

@takahe Any plans to collapse/expand long posts from other servers that don't have length limits? Takahe seems to be picking up my WordPress+ActivityPub posts OK, but they can be a a bit long for a timeline view.

For instance:

Finally realized why the light theme on here looks familiar. It reminds me of classic Slashdot.

Edit: Which apparently still looks like current Slashdot. (or vice versa)

Edited 56d ago

Nice: the edited post federated its changes out to Mastodon successfully!

For my own websites, I've been setting them up to auto-switch between light and dark to match the system settings. It's possible (on modern browsers) with plain CSS!

Nice to have a light theme alternative in the latest update!

I go back and forth about whether I prefer light or . Sometimes within a day, as ambient lighting changes, or I move from one device to another. Or if I'm trying to eke out just a little more battery power.

Some constants:
* Light-themed apps/sites on a dark-themed desktop are more jarring than dark-themed apps/sites on a light-themed desktop.
* Photo galleries almost always work better with a dark background.

Edited 63d ago

Getting some laundry in during the few hours between rainstorms

@kelsonv And also testing Takahe (here), not as a single-user instance but on their main testing instance.

@takahe This may (or may not) be relevant to some of the issues federating with GoToSocial: Apparently GTS is always strict about checking HTTP signatures.

Does this mention go through? @kelsonv

@magnus919 @takahe I'm using the Pinafore front end to GTS. If I search for the URL of a post on another server, it finds it. (Example here with searching for your Mastodon post URL.)

I thought I'd had it work with a takahe post last week, but it doesn't seem to work now.

Though I *can* search for a takahe account (again, from Pinafore's front end to GTS), and it'll find the profile and let me view it.

Edited 80d ago

Here's a weird one: I can search for the follwing post in Takahe and it displays just fine, but if I open the direct link in my browser, I get a 500 error

@takahe Seems to be! Thanks!

@takiverse I've had some delays interacting with, including following and replies, but I'm not sure how much is on that side and how much is over here.

Looks like deleted posts are still showing up in the rss feed @takahe

@takahe I'm seeing a lot of these in my GoToSocial logs:

timestamp="23/12/2022 16:22:34.513" func=router.loggingMiddleware.func1 level=INFO latency=2.005777ms clientIP= userAgent="python-httpx/0.23.1 (Takahe/0.6.0-dev;" method=POST statusCode=400 path=/users/kelsonv/inbox msg="Bad Request: wrote 615B"

I also see a handful of successful requests for public statuses and 404s for unlisted statuses, which makes sense.

Notes on @takahe and :

search can find and view a GTS user profile. But follow requests don't make it to GTS.

Search can also find a public GTS post.

Takahe can reply, like and boost a GTS post locally. The reply and boost federate to Mastodon followers, but not to GTS,

GTS can do exactly the same with Takahe: search for users & posts, interact locally.

Basically nothing seems to be federating between GTS & Takahe at all except for search results.

Notes on @takahe and :

I can find an follow a Pixelfed profile (ex: @kelsonv )

I can search for and view a post on Pixelfed.

I can like or boost the Pixelfed post. The like makes it back to the original instance, but the boost does not. The boost is visible on both & mastodon.

I can reply, but the reply doesn't make it back to Pixelfed (or else it's just a lot slower than the like)

@KelsonV @KelsonReads Mastodon was able to notify Takahe and GTS, but not Pixelfed or Bookwyrm. However, that may be because Pixelfed and Bookwyrm are based around a different model. Let's see where Takahe's notices reach!

@takahe is username completion implemented yet? I just noticed I didn't actually manage to tag you on a couple of posts about issues I had using Takahe through Pinafore

@kelson Seems conclusive that only direct replies make it back to the blog as comments, regardless of which fediverse software is used. Both Mastodon and Takahe can reply to the post and show up in WordPress.

Both *can* reply to a reply, and will federate with each other, but that second-level reply doesn't make it all the way back.

@takiverse @kelson The reply to the reply didn't go through. I checked both the pending and spam tabs.

I'll try the same with Mastodon to see if it's an issue with the WP plugin or with Takahe.

@takahe I can confirm, it's able to pull up the user info now. Thanks!

Got it on the notes/articles distinction.

@takahe Looks like I can link to a Plume profile *webpage*, at least! Though trying to search for a specific post doesn't seem to recognize it as something that can be federated

Edited 89d ago

500 error on trying to view a Plume profile...or even mention it!
Example: @ KelsonWrites @