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@nuntz hello Nicolas 🤗

@donmelton thank you ❤️

@david welcome! Unfortunately it does not work with takahe ->

@donmelton hello, welcome 🤗

@aulia @tusker

Try Toot! it works ;)

@arthur @pax

Not yet. I am using takahe on the flagship server for testing. I still run a GTS instance on my own server.

Thank you :) please make possible that the fediverse software Takahe also works with your beautiful app

@ciantic Is ivory worth the price?

Dear Thomas,
unfortunately, your iOS app IceCubes does not work with the Fediverse software Takahē , which I find very unfortunate. Maybe you can fix it so that I can put my toots here too :)

@rafael does it work? :)


Looks great. But the software has a small bug that no logo is displayed for Takahe.


Maybe the people here only test the software before they use it themselves like me.


I am currently ironing my shirts, as I am on a business trip tomorrow the week. I then still thought about how I get everything under one hat. Then I'm about to watch the news and then it goes to bed soon.

@ktv Which app do you use?


can’t follow an account takahe on the same instance. On the web it works, but unfortunately not in the Toot! app . After following on the web the App show my symbol as follower but it also show, that I’m not following. Do you have any proposals?

Edited 56d ago


Is it possible to move from existing Instance to with the same url or I need a new Subdomain?


🤔 hmm it doesn’t follow with my GTS (gotosocial) instance. With my other mastodon instance it works …

Okay, first test with Takahe ✅
Now I’m really tired, so I must go to bed 🛌 gn8


Dear Dag, thank you for your great app. I have an issue with Toot! on my iPad. I can’t add a new server or delete a server in my list by pressing and hold my finger on a existing server in my list. What can I do to add a new server?

Another problem is, that I can’t send an image on my iPad like on my iPhone. How can I send images on my iPhone in my toots?

🤔 hmm following with gts is pending …

This is my first test :)