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Lots of ideas how US politicians can engage on or host . Some prompts for political teams considering it:

• Just joining? Do you care that most large instances are hosted outside the US?
• Managed hosting? Do you care that all 7 recommended managed hosts are abroad?
• Self hosting? Who on the team is patching+updating?
• Who runs Incident Response?
• Who runs infra & ?
• Who defederates from malicious instances?
• Who cleans up harmful/illegal media from followers?

Edited 86d ago

I've spent years of my life begging political operations — who have zero full-time technical staff, and whose teams turn over every cycle — to stop deploying and abandoning WordPress. I'm *incredibly* nauseous by the idea of, "they should turn on a Mastodon."

A huge percentage of the "so-and-so should host a Mastodon" are actually looking for a fairly standard feature in email: do some DNS dance and you get to use your own domain with the service hosted by someone else. We love to compare the to email! Let's start with a turnkey that.

@MattHodges that's the signature feature of @takahe

@simon Nice! I've only been following @takahe peripherally! Looking forward to seeing it mature. I've seen that it's striving for "Mastodon API compatibility". I wonder, would this support migrating to/from mastodon/takahē?

@MattHodges @takahe great question, I've not paid attention to if there's a migration story there yet

@simon @MattHodges We plan to have account moving between servers in relatively soon, but replacing an existing Mastodon with Takahē and keeping everything is a more challenging task we're leaving until after 1.0.