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Test account for Takahe. Themed after the show that lives in my head.

I created a recursive kafka message and I am most pleased with myself.

AWS documentation about IAM perms is a travesty.

"What are you doing this week?"

I don't know; I've run out of easy things on my to-do list.

Maybe we should just stop with the GPT models. The internet is enough of a hellscape already.

Fascinating to watch these bigger Mastodon instances collapse and shut down.

@andrew One of my cats is an absolute junkie about our heating pad. I created a monster by accident. Even in the summer she will yowl until you turn it on…

I was so bored last night that I wrote unit tests before bed. I have woken up absolutely disgusted at myself for even touching pytest at all. Filthy.

@ChickenPwny Also lmao at me calling the base model Tesla a "low end" trim. At least it is less egregious after the price drops earlier this year.

@ChickenPwny it is a one time purchase to order heated seats on low end trims.

@ChickenPwny it's a one time fee for rear heated seats.

@jph haha yes! Docker is great but also terrible. Thankfully the company I work for is completely running in a Docker stack so I work with it enough that I now know enough for a competent battle in self hosting projects.

@pax Are you running Takahe on your own server? I have a dev build running on my personal machine, but haven't had the courage to try a real deployment yet.

@wichitalineman @simon 4) Google will never really take accountability and responsibility for the harm and the world will keep on turning and they will keep on selling ads.

@simon @wichitalineman I work in ML/AI for my full-time job and the authoritative tone that these LLMs communicate in coupled with the lack of proper sourcing is truly worrying for many people on my team. It will be interesting how Google goes about injecting LaMDA into search results with the lessons they have learned over the course of their company life.

Takahe local feed is always so quiet, what are you interesting people up to today!?

@artilectzed no gifs is tragic!

I mean really, put aside the excitement we have for technology and think about overall human happiness. The more tech we inject into our lives it seems that apparently we also add more friction in a net loss to whatever metric you want to argue against.

I've been putting a lot of thought into this recently, but it feels as if the longer tech has matured, the more inconvenient our lives have overall become. It's possible that the age of silicon was a huge mistake.

@megalodon Nice.

Does every hobbyist subculture eventually morph into a bunch of toxic glass cannon bros?