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hello testing @test

running into an issue boosting and favoriting from @MonaApp while logged in to a account. Not high priority since the first version against core Mastodon hasn't been finished, but FYI!

Edited 22d ago

seeing some issues with spamming the submit butto

🤔 no support for local posts

🤔 no support for local posts

Trying out with @MonaApp

My local feed hasn’t update in a real long time on Metatext

testing @takahe

@film_girl @paul @garrettzumini there are several forks that already have QT

@sarahemclaugh but perhaps it's a rare english documentation about why many people are totally fine with living in China.

syndic @datatitian - trying to follow @takahe from takahe but it's not quite working. is there an obvious error on your end?

testing @takahe hello

@mmasnick @adamghill @takahe something like this would be great for the explore page (currently blank on metatext)

@literally test quote toot reply


@rcarmo seems to be working better now

@andrew @tktech @literally posting here to keep a record

@literally @andrew @tktech I can reply to posts but seemingly can’t make new ones and then view them (Metatext)

@tktech @andrew @literally reading on Metatext now!

@ktv @takahe how do you find the link?

@rcarmo @takahe I can’t get it to work on Metatext at all, what’s the secret

@bradford find some non-mastodon instances and try federating with them is what some of us have been doing.

@rcarmo @takahe I can't get it to work for me on metatext - I can see my posts and that's about it.

@ktv if the bookwyrm account makes posts are you getting the updates?

okay tagging