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I miss quote tweeting the most. I rarely abused it and I think the argument it was primarily used for abuse both devalues the real value of why USERS invented the quote tweet to begin with and gives too much power to the so-called abuse that could be better solved with better abuse/block tools.

@film_girl I really miss it too, I've tried to adapt to it, I really have but still miss it.

@paul @film_girl If only someone could build that into an app…

But seriously I miss it too.

@garrettzumini @film_girl it’s going up on my todo list by the day.

@paul @film_girl Excellent.

@film_girl @paul @garrettzumini there are several forks that already have QT

@literally indeed. This is the problem tho. Some forks support it, some done. You can do it with ActivityPub but not every instance will adopt it.