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It's been a lot of work, but Takahē 0.6 is finally here!

Among other features, this includes initial Mastodon Client API support (for existing client apps), custom emoji support, reporting and moderation queues, and a lot of UI and efficiency improvements.

There's still plenty more to do, but we're excited to get to a point where a new community could be run on Takahē. We'll be opening up registrations soonish too!

@takahe Thanks a lot! I like what you're doing and will deploy it next week to Cloud (Shared OpenShift offering - Namespace as a Service). I've already done a PoC with 0.5, so I expect no surprises with 0.6. Will hopefully power in the future.

@takahe does that API support include /api/v1/instance?

@takahe Just updated

@takahe I consider substituting my instance with , since I work with . But one thing I'll take into account is if I can maintain my old toots and URLs... I'm excited following your work!

Edited 92d ago

@takahe I've just noticed that the HTML tags appear on your profile description here on Mastodon, both the website or the Tusky app on Android. I can open an issue later when I'm back to my computer.

@me We fixed that one yesterday - will take a few days to propagate out I think.

@takahe 👏 👊

@takahe Awesome, wanted to check because it's been topical recently for things like relays and instance info sites.