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Upgraded Notes (Now with Formatting(tm)!)

Reported the formatting issue where the HTML sanitizer was a bit too zealous, and the plugin author suggested using WordPress’ built-in sanitizing rules for posts. It looks like it should be OK, at least with the platforms I’ve tried out so far. Mastodon is still going to strip out everything but links, but…

Bulleted lists should persist in GoToSocial
Block quotes, bold and italic should persist in GoToSocial and Calckey
Bulleted lists should be converted to line-break lists in Mastodon, Calckey and Takahe.
Code blocks should persist in at least GoToSocial

preformatted blocks should persist at least in GoToSocial

Experimenting with the ActivityPub Plugin for WordPress and how it interacts with various Fediverse platforms, without cluttering up my main blog with test posts! @KelsonV

So this should be a small improvement for Mastodon and Takahe (though a critical one where lists are used in the post) and a bigger improvement for Misskey forks and GoToSocial.

At some point I need to set up some more test accounts using at least:


And see how well Pixelfed can follow this.

Hmm, next time I linkblog about something interesting enough to share, I should see if posting to a Lemmy group works…

@experiments @KelsonV Hmm, Takahe does the same as Mastodon - convert the lists to line breaks, remove all other formatting except links...but it also adds the link to the plaintext URL.